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Study by Professor Shaw-Jenq Tsai’s Research Team at NCKU Becomes First Taiwanese Study to Be Recognized in the Best of the AACR Journals 2019-04-16
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Noncoding Effects of Circular RNA CCDC66 Promote Colon Cancer Growth and Metastasis, the fruit of four years of study conducted by Distinguished Professor Shaw-Jenq Tsai’s research team at the Department of Physiology at NCKU, was recognized by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) as one of the Best of the AACR Journals in 2017. This is the first time that researchers in Taiwan have received this special honor, and this paper is the first study regarding circular RNA’s function to be actually verified using animal testing and human specimens.
NCKU College of Medicine and Harvard School of Dental Medicine Sign MOU 2019-04-12
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National Cheng Kung University will be making offers of admission to its first class of students at the School of Dentistry for the 2019 academic year. Dean of the College of Medicine, Jang-Yang Chang (張俊彥), led delegates- among which included Chair of the School of Medicine, Professor Shyh-Jou Shieh (謝式洲); Professor Shu-Fen Chuang (莊淑芬) at the Institute of Oral Medicine; Professor Oscar Guey Chuen Perng (彭貴春) at the College of Medicine (Office of International Affairs); Professor Chih-Hsien Chi (紀志賢); and Assistant Professor Yung-Chung Chen (陳永崇)- to make an official visit to the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston.
Taiwan, Singapore team up on smart technology development 2019-03-13
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Tainan City-based National Cheng Kung University and Singapore Technologies Engineering Electronics Ltd. concluded a memorandum of understanding on smart technology development March 7 in southern Taiwan.
NCKU Alumna Yih-Harn Liu Becomes First Taiwanese to Win Boat International Young Designer of the Year Award 2019 2019-03-12
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Yih-harn Liu, alumna of NCKU’s Department of System and Naval Mechatronic Engineering, entered Boat International’s yacht design competition and won the Young Designer of the Year Award 2019, becoming the first Taiwanese to win a major award in the international yacht community. Professor Ming-Chung Fang, her advisor during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, expressed his pride in Yih-harn Liu: “Yih-harn is very talented, and even more importantly, she is hard-working and an avid learner. I knew back then that she would make it big one day!”



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