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The second part integrates research results from the NCKU AI Innovation Research Center and the Capstone Plan into the capacity of NCKU smart healthcare to automate medical records. Traditional pen-and-paper inputting of data or orally inquiring of the patient's medical history both increase the infection risk of medical personnel due to proximity with patients. Automating medical records allows personnel to enter medical data such as travel history, work history, contact history, and group history into a tablet and upload them to the medical record system. The personnel can then instantly receive relevant data to make a clinical decision. Tablets are disinfected with rubbing alcohol after each use, reducing the risk of cross-infection and raising efficiency of inspection.

German Institute Taipei awarded Freundschaftsmedaille (Friendship Medal) to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sun, Chuan-Wen, Professor Emeritus, Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kao, Chia Chuen, Professor Emeritus, Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, in the annual meeting of Association of DAAD-Friends in Taiwan R.O.C (Verein der DAAD Freunde in Taiwan R.O.C) on January, 4th, 2020. This award symbolized the appreciation of Germany that both professors dedicate themselves to advance the academic exchange between Taiwan and Germany. Getting their Dr.-Ing (Doktoringenieur) in Germany, Prof. Sun and Prof. Kao expect that there should be more understandings and good contacts between Taiwan and Germany. Both of them make every effort to enhance the exchange between two countries and never change their mind until now. “We won’t ask any payback. Excepting feeling excited, we are more appreciated for being recognized of our effort.


Three college boys used to dream about building an electric car. Since their dormitory days at NCKU, the trio have come a long way. They were persistent in the pursuit of their dream and managed to draw 30 like-minded classmates into joining their team “NCKU Formula Students” in the Formula SAE competition that was held in Shizuoka, Japan in September 2019. After the competition, the team returned to Taiwan and joined forces with NCKU’s department of mechanical engineering student-formed racing team “NCKUME Racing” to form the “NCKU Formula Racing” team, which currently has 55 members strong. The newly formed team will endeavor to reach new heights in the 2020 competition.
Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare genetic condition that causes skin diseases and ulcerations. Those who have this condition are bound to a life of perpetual open wounds and endless amounts of gauze. NCKU has been a long-time investor in the research and development of the condition and its treatments. In order to bring more awareness to the condition, NCKU held a benefit concert in January 2020. Even international professional tennis player Hsieh Su-wei , who normally does not engage in celebrity endorsement activities, shot a charity commercial as a way to support the cause. NCKU hopes that through these efforts more people can come to learn about those suffering from epidermolysis bullosa.