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New Startup Company Founded by NCKU Doctoral Student Jordan Vannitsen Wins International Award of EUR 500,000 2019-01-09
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With his dreams of space and encouragement from his advisor Professor Jiun-Jih Miau, French doctoral student Jordan Vannitsen at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at NCKU founded the company ODYSSEUS Space with his French friends in Taiwan in 2016, targeting the global space industry. To gain international exposure, they entered the Space Exploration Masters in 2018, a contest held by the European Space Agency for business proposals. Out of 132 proposals from 42 countries, the technological, managerial, and commercial strategies of their business won first prize in the Space Resources.lu Challenge presented by Luxembourg Space Agency. This is the most high-profile award of the contest. They were granted EUR 500 thousand (over NTD 17 million) and were invited to set up business in Luxembourg. ODYSSEUS Space plans to establish their base in Luxembourg while they begin penetrating the global market.
NCKU’s Cross-disciplinary X-Village Course Breaks Conventions and Rebuilds Teaching from the Ground Up 2019-01-09
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This summer, NCKU offered an experimental high-intensity progressive IT course called X-Village for college students majoring in fields other than information technology in Taiwan. With six hours of class a day, five days a week, and homework for the students to complete every day, the teachers and teaching assistants were running at full steam. While not all students could complete the course, the majority found the challenge a welcome opportunity to grow and develop. Upon completion of the first phase of the course, the students gained basic IT skills and built bonds of trust with one another, which opens up a range of possibilities for their careers. What surprised the teachers was how proactive the students were in learning.
NCKU joins hands with Sampo Corporation and Rechi Precision to create a common research center for smart home appliances 2018-12-28
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NCKU’s joint venture with Sampo Corporation and the Rechi Precision Company was made official after NCKU’s president Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, Sampo chairman Sheng-tian Felix Chen, and Rechi Precision’s vice chairman Jin-Hsi Liu signed a memorandum for establishing a cooperative research center on the 18th. The collaboration will bring together the fortes and energies from all three establishments. In order to get the pulse of current needs, specifically solutions for improving future smart homes and new kinds of compressor technologies, manufacturing processes, and product chains, the first step in the process will be to field applications and proposals for creative and cutting edge research projects.
The story behind ICID’s new brand identity 2018-12-18
The story behind ICID’s new brand identity(Open new window)
To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID), ICID assistant Professor Yen-Ting Cho and graphic designer Jia-Zhen Liu decided to redesign ICID’s visual image while staying true to the Institute's objective and move forward to the next stage.



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