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NCKU Receives 2020 National Sustainable Development Award
National Cheng Kung University received the 2020 National Sustainable Development Award on November 25th at an award ceremony in the Executive Yuan. Three schools were conferred this award in the education category, including National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), China Medical University, and Mingdao High School (Taichung). NCKU has demonstrated in recent years excellence in promoting the localization of sustainable development and its integration with daily living by substantively achieving the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through cross-disciplinary collaborations, NCKU was able to establish a campus sustainability consensus. NCKU leads the nation’s universities as being the first to champion the United Nation’s SDGs.
NCKU Overseas Week Promotes International Scientific Collaboration in Higher Education
National Cheng Kung University is holding the “NCKU Overseas Week” to enclose the fruitful results of regional joint research projects, international talent cultivation, and academia-industry collaborations through research presentations and online forums respectively in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam from November 16th to 20th. Along with its strategic partners, namely University of Malaya (UM), Mahidol University (MU), and University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City (UMP), NCKU aims to tackle regional challenges and to find new solutions for dengue fever, biomass energy, prevention and treatment of serious diseases, energy storage systems, sustainable energy and materials, digital dentistry, pregnancy health care, wound care, and water security.
Research Team Led by Professor Jyh-Ming Ting Develops Highly Stable High-entropy Material for Lithium-ion Battery Anode
Entropy refers to the degree of disorder in a system. Thermodynamically, entropy is one of the pillars that stabilizes materials. However, this had not been realized until 2004 when high entropy alloys (HEAs) were reported in 2004 by Professor Jien-Wei Yeh at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.  Following the HEAs, another high entropy material (HEM), namely, high entropy oxide (HEO), was reported in 2015. 
NCKU Works with Indian Company Lazuline Biotech to Develop New Drug for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease

Distinguished Professor Nan-Shan Chang at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at NCKU, who discovered a small drug peptide named Zfra or dubbed “Zffi”, signed a cooperation agreement with an Indian Biopharmaceutical company Lazuline Biotech Pvt. Ltd (www.lazulinebio.com) based at Hyderabad early in September this year. Both research teams will work together on Zffi for drug and vaccine development. Hopefully, clinical trials for Zffi in treating cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) will start in India sometime between 2022 and 2023. This marks a significant milestone in recent international collaborations.