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SATU Presidents’ Forum (Presidents’ Forum of Southeast Asia and Taiwan Universities), initiated by National Cheng Kung University from Taiwan in 2003, held the annual 2017 steering committee meeting at Prince of Songkla University in Thailand. The forum is an iconic platform for sharing and exchanging ideas about the enhancement of higher education among member universities. Input of ideas and opinions to the forum has been beneficial to all members for understanding and fulfilling the demands of higher education in Southeast and South Asia and Taiwan. The objectives of SATU Presidents’ Forum are mainly focused on international academic cooperation among Taiwan and Southeast and South Asian countries. Action plans, such as SATU Joint Research Scheme (JRS) project and the SATU Mobility Action for Regional Talents (SMART) program have been established to carry out the forum’s mission in improving and enhancing the standards of education, research and community services.
Starting from Spring semester 2018, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) will offer a new education program on Circular Economy. This is in response to the Tsai-Ing Wen government who set Circular Economy as one of her 5+2 spearhead strategies. Taiwan wants to create a more sustainable economy, with a smaller environmental impact on natural resources, as well as less dependence on importing resources. The circular economy focusses on reducing, reusing and recycling with an interesting business model.
Professor Su-Lin Yu and supporting professors from the National Cheng Kung University’s Center for Gender & Women’s Stud...
The launch of the AI service and data center (AIS&D) on December 26, 2017 confirms the position of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence. This latest development is the most recent in a proud history: in 1934, the students of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering successfully built a counting robot; eighty-three years later, the establishment of the AIS&D is a bold declaration of the university’s ongoing commitment to AI research and applications. As the bellwether in the AI field, NCKU has further extended its reach by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Tainan City Government regarding smart city development.
Influence of Chi Po-lin’s “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above” is ongoing and has inspired primary and secondary school students from the rural areas. In 2017, Professor Wen-yu Su of Dept. CSIE, NCKU, launched the rural children aerial filming project, “Hometown From Above.” The result presentation ceremony was held in Gezhi Hall in December 23rd to show these children’s achievement of telling their hometown stories by manipulating drone to shoot an extent of aerial photography after a few months’ training. Prof. Su expects the project to be promoted to other places by its every member. He hopes that it brings more enterprises and organizational units to provide sponsorship so that rural children can be exposed to new technologies and expand their horizons through aerial photography.
Messaoud Romdhani, one of the members of the Nobel-winning Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, came to NCKU to give a speech about the hope and challenge which are faced by Tunisian Youth and share the experience of the democratization of Tunisia.