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Jenny Su Huey-Jen  President  National Cheng Kung university (NCKU)  Taiwan
For Professor Jenny Su, president of Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University, universities have a social responsibility to respond to national and global crises. AsianScientist (May 25, 2018) – To Professor Jenny Su, the measure of a university is its ability to rise to the call of social responsibility in times of need. The veteran researcher-turned-president of the National Cheng Kung university (NCKU) in Taiwan has led the university’s response to two of the nation’s most pressing public health emergencies since she took office in 2015—a dengue fever outbreak in Tainan in 2015, and a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that shook Taiwan the year after.
Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Michael Lai Ming-Chiao

Michael Lai Ming-Chiao shares how a detour in his academic journey brought him to the battlefront of the SARS outbreak.

NCKU World Islam Campus Summit 2018
Tainan City, TW 5 June 2018: Imagine an international Summit that gathers the best experts from academic, literary, art and business aspects to share their expertise and experiences across many Islamic issues and put their heads together to create a better environment for the younger generations amid cross-cultural and multi-cultural learning contexts.
Department of Electrical Engineering presents Edison-Hopkinson dynamo to public
On April 17th the Department of Electrical Engineering held an opening for the permanent exhibition of its crown jewel: the Edison-Hopkinson dynamo. It is the oldest direct-current generator in Taiwan and only a few are left in the world.
Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland received an honorary doctorate degree of Medicine of from the National Cheng Kung University President Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su (蘇慧貞) at the closing ceremony of the third Gro Brundtland Week of Women in Sustainable Development on April 3rd. The lecture was attended with NCKU faculty and students from Tainan First Senior High School and Tainan Sheng Kung High schools. On the same day, Dr. Brundtland presented a plenary lecture on “Sustainable Development Goals, a Thirty Year Story of International Collaboration” and attended the 2018 Brundtland Week closing ceremony.
Dr. Neha Dahiya receives the 2018 Gro Brundtland Week of Women in Sustainable Development from Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Tang Prize Foundation and NCUK President Huey-Jen Jenny Su at NCKU, April 3rd.