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1.48 French Aeronautics Students Visit NCKU for Exchange Program
2.NCKU College of Medicine launches new book, Heirloom, on 30th Anniversary
3.NCKU Professor’s Research on Mantis Shrimp Published in Science
4.NCKU Hosts Symposium to Explore Macromolecular Analysis
1.NCKU and TSMC Together Establish a Collaborative Research Center
2.NCKU Receives Patented Smelting Furnace from Japan Environmental Preservation Co.LTD
3.NCKU Research Team Led by Hsieh Ching-Ho Find New Treatment of Drugs to Cure Heart Failure
4.Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine Proved to Protect Against Cardiac Injury
1.NCKU Breaks Ground for the Ocean Engineering Building
2.Speedy New Method Can Detect Early Mortality Syndrome in Shrimp
3.NCKU Research Team Develops Dengue Vaccine using 3D Model Analysis
4.NCKU Students Fulfill Space Dream with the Launch of Sounding Balloons
1.To Ensure Food Safety, NCKU Establishes Agricultural Certification Platform
2.High School Students Awarded NCKU Undergraduate Scholarships
3.NKCU News Center Holds Backup Student Anchors’ Admission Test
4.Education and Culture Exploratory Group from Hebei Province of China Visits NCKU in December, Encouraging NCKU to Establish a Campus in China
1.NCKU and University of Southampton Sign Memorandum of Understanding
2.US’s New England Legislative Delegation Visit NCKU
3.Cloud-based Interactive E-book System Makes Study Fun
4.Symposium on Disaster Prevention Kicks Off at NCKU
1.Forum on Masters of Industries: Chairman of Delta Technology, Bruce C.H. Cheng v.s. Former President of Philips Taiwan, Lo Yi-Chiang
2.NCKU Yield Substantial Results in Industry-Academia Collaboration
3.Prof. Hsieh, S. Proves Neurofeedback Training Improves Attention and Working Memory Performance
4.Vision Project Holds Forum to Help Youngsters Find Their Future
1.Groundbreaking Ceremony of NCKU Biotechnology Teaching Building
2.Prof. Yang Yu-Min organizes Industry-academia Collaboration on Dye-sensitized Solar Cell
3.Tsai Ing-Wen Delivers Speech in NCKU: Change to gain power and move forward
4.Dr. Kuo Ting Li Forum of Technology and Humanities Kicks Off at NCKU
1.Students Show Creativity in the NCKU APP Design Competition
2.Enhancing Infectious Disease Prevention: Nobel Laureate Talked about Immunology
3.NCKU Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Joint Department Building of Material Science, Resources Engineering and Computer Science
4.Professor Lai Zai-De’s 100th Birthday Exhibition Kicks Off at NCKU
1.NCKU Supercomputer Research Center Cooperates with Acer and Gigabyte Technology
2.Lost for Half a Century, Traditional Taiwanese Opera Films Make a Comeback
3.NCKU Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Fire Prevention Technology Building
4.Professor Wang Jhing-Fa Proposes Happy Taiwan White Paper Draft at NCKU Happiness Technology and Happy Taiwan Summit
1.NCKU Celebrates its 82nd Anniversary
2.NCKU Presents Alumni Achievement Awards
3.Limited and Popular, Brand Crossover T-shirts Have Students Waiting in Line through the Night
4.Rolling Up its sleeves to donate blood, the NCKU Student Housing Committee Expressed Warmth