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1.Exhibition about Taiwanese Revolutionaries in China during the Japanese Occupation Period
2.Presidents from universities in Hong Kong and Macao visit NCKU
3.NCKU Holds Memorial Ceremony for Corporal Chung-chiu Hung
4.NCKU Students Establish a Website in Memory of Chung-chiu Hung
1.Wei-Jun Laio, Ph.D Student of Department of Taiwanese Literature, NCKU, won the National Award for Arts, in Literature category
2.NCKU Establishes the Voyage Information System for Fishing Vessel
3.Teachers and Students in NCKU Mourn the Death of Corporal Chung-chiu Hung
4.The Ministry of National Defense Apologizes for the Death of Chung-Chiu Hung.NCKU Demands the Truth and Punishment of Accountable Parties
1.Associate Professor of NCKU, an immune antibody of shrimps
2.Witness love and gratitude in NCKU: Japanese scholarship
3.NCKU Hosts International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts
4.TUSA Summer Program for Chinese Learning Kicks Off at NCKU
1.Associate Professor of NCKU, an immune antibody of shrimps
2.Witness love and gratitude in NCKU: Japanese scholarship
3.Chinese Language Center Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival by Making Rice Dumplings
4.NCKU’s Graduation Ceremony Held Outdoors for the First Time
1.Cloud Solution for Neonatal Care of National Cheng Kung Hospital Reassures Mothers
2.N.C.K.U. and Quanta Computer Develop Cloud Solution for Neonatal Care
3.NCKU Launches Taiwan’s First Offshore Wind Resources Assessment Buoy—WindSentinel
4.NCKU-Designed Robots can Walk, Serve Water and Pills, and thus Win in Competition
1.Chinese Singing Contest for NCKU International Students Kicks Off
2.NCKU and ASE Collaborate to Host R & D Application Forum
3.NCKU Applied Materials Science Day Kicks Off
4.NCKU launch fire prevention drills for its historic buildings
1.NCKU sets up the Global Water Quality Research Centre
2.NCKU student bike design wins iF award
3.Paul Chu begins to learn how to play the flute
4.FLLD sets up the bard's corner
1.To see the world through camera lens NCKU Photo Club graduation exhibition ‘On the Scene’
2.NCKU Research Team of Wen-Chau Liu Win a Gold Medal, a Silver Medal and a Special Prize at the Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
3.NCKU holds the Telecommunication Forum
4.NCKU Department Launch Friendship FedEx Activities
1.NCKU cooperates with Delta Electronics, Driving Research for Bio Technology and Green Energy
2.Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Industrial Design kicks off at NCKU
3.NCKU Launches Vocational Rehabilitation Resource Center for the Disabled
4.Inauguration of iMANI, International Institute for Macromolecular Analysis and Nanomedicine Innovations
1.State of University of New York at Buffalo signed the contract with NCKU on dual degree
2.“Mind the Gap” international design workshop kicks off at NCKU
3.Posted on the cover of “cell”: the research results of dinosaurs archeology
4.NCKU sets up center for pharmaceutical regulatory science in March, 25th