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1.Delta Electronics and NCKU Present Joint R&D Results Best Performance of Academic-Industrial Collaboration
2.Founder of Delta Electronics Bruce Cheng Shares Journey in Building Delta
3.The College of Social Sciences Celebrates 20th Anniversary Enhances Taiwan-Germany Communication
4.Medical Device Innovation Center of NCKU Collaborates with Instrument Technology Research Center of NARLabs

1.Taiwan’s Only English Student Anchors Team Broadcasts Over 100 Episodes
2.Vietnamese Doctoral Student at NCKU Publishes Textbooks for Taiwanese Learners
3.Psychological Healthcare Week at NCKU Relieves Emotional Pressure 
4.Hustle and Bustle at the 2017 Taiwan International Orchid Show

1.Gro Brundtland Week: The Tang Prize for Women in Sustainable Development Kicked Off with an Opening Ceremony at NCKU Hoping to aid the Medically
2.Closing Ceremony of 2017 Tang Prize: Gro Brundtland Week of Women in Sustainable Development Discussing Public Health and Sustainable Development
3.NCKU Signs a Letter of Intent with Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry Creating a Win-Win Situation
4.Ministry of Science and Technology 105 Outstanding Technology Transfer Contribution Award - NCKU Awardees Top of Taiwan

1.NCKU, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital sign collaboration agreement for academic cooperation Devoting efforts to raise medical research standards
2.National Applied Research Laboratories Collaborate with NCKU Building up Academic-Industrial Research & Development Platform for Low-Carbon Green Energy in Southern Taiwan
3.NCKU Offers International Volunteers Program in Houjia Junior High School Micro-Service for the Community
4.NCKU Museum of History takes on a new look, restarted with a new mission

1.Mass Production Out ! Neanderthalensis Expo calls for "Makers".
2.Intelligence, Power Saving, Vehicle Network in NCKU & ARTC Expo.
3.Macronix CEO Miin Wu Receives Honorary Doctorate from NCKU.
4.Degradable Medical Material Resolve Secondary Surgery.

1.The Second Materials Science and Engineering Industry Forum Discusses Future Innovation.
2.Adopting Fruit Trees Opens Up a Greener Future for Agricultural Development.
3.Same-sex Partnership Registration doesn’t equal marriage.
4.The Prosperity and Vitality of Tainan West Market.

1.NCKU Business Development Team Stands out in The 15th Business Startup Award.
2.NCKU Makes Research Breakthrough in 3D Printing and Sign MOU.
3.NCKU Conducts First Large-Scale Steel Structure Building Fire Test.
4.MediaTek, NCKU Jointly Set Up First Computing Lab for Epidemic Prevention.

1.Nano-Volcanic Eruption of Silver NCKU Professor Shih-Kang Lin Solves Mystery Left Behind by Japanese Research Team.
2.NCKU Students Win Gold Medal at iGEM Competition in the US.
3.NCKU Anniversary Alumni from domestic and abroad got together to celebrate the 85th anniversary along with students and faculty.
4.Southeast Asia, South Asia and NCKU International Grand Tour Plan Activated.
1.Muslim students in NCKU glad to have newly-opened prayer room
2.NCKU museum displays History of Taiwan's Engineering Education
3.NCKU Museum displays Replica of Boeing Seaplane Model C
4.2016 C-Hub Demo Day shows interdisciplinary power at NCKU
1.A Collaborative Exhibition to celebrate NCKU
2.Dr. Lo Chu-Fang Earns National Chair Professorship Award Again
3.NCKU Joins Worldwide Universities Network
4.2016 Honorary Doctorate Award Ceremony Takes Place at NCKU