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1.Library Card Catalog, the Way We Used to Find Books
2. NCKU Works on Tree Care
3. Cloud-based Health Management System iNCKU Proven to Prevent Obesity
4. WLSH Students Plan the Visit to NCKU on Their Own


1. NCKU Hosts International Conference on Future Healthcare and Economic Development
2. The 11th Taiwan-Japan Student Conference Held at NCKU
3. NCKU Recently Launched a New Cloud Platform Named “Mosquito Man”
4. Doctor Xie, Zhong-Si Devotes Himself to Providing Medical Service in Remote Areas


1.International Short Course on Resilience and Adaptations to Climate Change for Sustainable Management of Tidal Areas held at NCKU
2.American Students Complete 8-week Chinese Language Program at NCKU
3.NCKU Set Its Sights on Student Recruitment in South East Asia
4.TCUS International Summer School at NCKU
1.Senior Professors Reveal the Unknown Past of NCKU Through “Oral History of NCKU”
2.The First NCKU Summer Exercising Camp Offers Children a Summer Filled with Fun 
3.NCKU Hosts Art Workshop to Preserve the Old Banyan Tree
4.600 More Parking Spaces Added Along Li-Hsing and Cheng-Kung Campuses
1. 2016 HITech Bio-Design Workshop and Interschool Competition Held in NCKU
2. NCKU Obtains Fuel from the Waste of Solar Batteries
3. TUSA Summer Scholarship Program Kicks off at NCKU
4. NCKU President Visits CLC
1. Academician Wang Ping Invited to NCKU Research and Development Forum 
2. 2016 Jade Mountain Forum on Sustainable Environment Held at NCKU
3. Center for Innovative Engineering Education Becomes a New Place for Interdisciplinary Exchanges
4. The Collaboration with Architecture and Building Research Institute Opens up New Opportunities


1.Vietnam’s DTU Provost Visits NCKU for Future Collaboration

2. International student graduation celebration

3. NCKU Muslim Students Pray at Newly Built Prayer Room

4. CLS Program for American Students Kicks off at NCKU


1.NCKU Hosts Commencement 2016
2.NCKU and Hong Kong Polytechnic University Cooperate in Volunteer Service
3.NCKU Professor Su, Wen-Yu and Hon Hai Foundation Jointly Provide Training in Programming
4.NCKU Innovative Workshop Decorates Clothes With Tainan Architecture and Culture
1.Chairman of AIDC Talks about the Prospect of Taiwan’s Aviation Industry at NCKU
2.NCKU Is Biggest Winner at11th Cheng Hsing Cheng Wan Cup
3.NCKU Establishes 24-Hour Discussion Room
4.Yan Zhun-Zuo Talks about Dengue Fever
1.Toastmasters Club: A Fun Place to Learn and Speak English
2.NCKU Vietnamese Culture Week Promotes Cultural Exchanges
3.ICRT News Reporter Shares Experience
4.2016 Taiwan-Japan University Presidents Forum Discusses Challenges Facing Globalization