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1.NCKU, Delta Jointly Set Up Research Center for Smart Fish Farming
2.Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Design Competition Brings Us Toward a Brand-New Future
3.The annual “NCKU Bike Festival”, a fair of all departments, took place on March 19th on Kung-Fu Campus.
1.23rd Annual ICST Meeting Held at NCKU
2.NCKU Students Observe Partial Eclipse
3.NCKU participates in Taiwan International Orchid Show
4.NCKU was Given Japanese Cherry Tree
1.Hong Kong City U President Kuo-Way Talks about Globalization and Higher Education at NCKU
2.NCKU and Tübingen University Sign MoUs to Foster Academic Partnership
3.5 Female Winners Granted Gro Brundtland Award
4.Akira Suzuki Receives Honorary Chair Professorship
1.CECI Engineering Consultants Signed an MOU with NCKU
2.NCKU President Scores Well on Cheer’s Peer Review 
3.NCKU Hospital Held a Warm Gathering for Staff and Family in the wake of Feb. 6th Earthquake
4.Gro Brundtland Week of Women in Sustainable Development Launched at NCKU on Feb. 21st
1.NCKU Excels in Cross-Discipline Research at ATUP Exhibition
2.President Su Takes Care of Foreign Student’s Medical Fees
3.Vietnamese Students Hold Charity Fundraiser for Classmate’s Medical Fees 
4.NCKU, CUHK Set Up Joint Research Center for Positive Social Science
1.Love for Three Oranges Keeps the Audience Fully Engaged
2.NCKU Award Dr. C.N.R. Rao an Honorary Doctoral Degree
3.NCKU hosted Chinese New Year Gala for foreign students
4.NCKU responds to southern Taiwan earthquake
1.NCKU Institute of Gerontology Launched "Introduction to Gerontology
2.NCKU launches its human library on campus
3.NCKU wins DREAM Challenge on ALS
4.Special Exhibitions in NCKU Museum Officially Kick Off


1.The NCKU Anniversary Exhibition of Orchids Continues Until April
2.NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su Hopes NCKU Aims to Be the Top University at NCKU’s 84th Anniversary
3.NCKU Launches Hybrid Rocket to Record Height
4.NCKU Research Confirms: Exposure to Plasticizers Can Lead to Male Infertility


1.Sculptures by International Artists Added to Campus
2.International Students Play Chinese Phrase-Guessing Game at NCKU
3.Kansai University delegation visits NCKU to strengthen academic ties
4.Traditional Salt-making Experience at Jingzaijiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields
1.ISETS Holds in NCKU
2.NCKU Students Win Chance to Study at MIT
3.Science Consultant of <Interstellar> Launch a Speech on Physics in NCKU
4.Jing-Zai-Jiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields Signs a BOT Contract for DIY Salt Manufacturing