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Student Anchor News
1.Renowned Japanese Scholar Takashi Gojobori Receives Honorary Doctorate from NCKU
2.NCKU 2014 Outstanding Alumni Award Ceremony
3.NCKU Smart Crew Passes on the Award to Eden Social Welfare Foundation
1. NCKU Museum Unveils Two Exhibitions on NCKU's 83rd Anniversary
2. NCKU Establishes Creative Platform C-Hub
3. NCKU's 83rd Anniversary Celebration
4. KT Li Technology and Literature Lectureship Award at NCKU
1. NCKU TV Celebration Marks Major Milestone with 111th Episode
2. NCKU Hosts the Su Xue-Lin and Her Contemporaries International Seminar
3. NCKU Develops Soft Lithography Mask
4. Taiwan –EU Symposium on Ocean Observation and Its Application at NCKU
1.NCKU Center for Graphene/2D Materials and Devices Officially Launched
2.NCKU Develops Portable Smart Blood Test Card
3.International Symposium on Energy Technology and Strategy at NCKU
4.NCKU’s New Discovery: Magnesium Battery
1.NCKU Holds Centennial Taiwan Recording Industry Exhibition Kicks Off
2.NCKU Holds Innovation and Startups exhibition with MOST
3.NCKU and Canadian University Research Ovarian Cancer
4.NCKU Hosts International Conference on Cult of Guanyin
1.NCKU Hosts 2014 International Forum on Orange Technology
2.NCKU Develops New Low-Cost Battery Voltage Detector
3.Department of Materials Science and Engineering Donates Classroom
4.The Ninth Asian-Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering
1.NCKU Hosts Symposium on University Museum Management
2.NCKU Hosts 15th APEC Marine Environment Roundtable Meeting
3.NCKU’s New Discovery: Abnormal Cell Transmission System Causes Cancer
4.NCKU Research Team Invents Intelligent Eye Mask Alarm Enhancing Sleeping Quality
1.First floating LiDAR Deployment in Asia by NCKU RCETS
2.NCKU Hosts ISMEN 2014 to Promote Advances in Materials Research
3.NCKU Freshmen Camp: Welcoming 3000 New Members to Join Our Big Family
4.Learning from the Past and Looking into the Future: Five Former NCKU Presidents Gather to Talk About University Management
1.ITRI and TCUS Co-operate in 3D Printing and Micromanufacturing
2.Assistant Prof. Chen Peng-Chieh Published in Prestigious Journal
3.NCKU Signs Talloires Declaration: Vows to Promote Safe and Sustainable Campus
4.Department of Science and Technology of India Visits Medical Device Innovation Center at NCKU
1.NCKU Hosts Workshop on Online Education with SATU Presidents
2.NCKU Teams Shine at Innovation & Startups Final Competition
3.NCKU and Foreign Students Experience Chinese Opera for the First Time
4.The System Fund as Backup: the Comprehensive University System in Taiwan Initiates Cross-National Cooperation