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1.NCKU Research Reveals Regeneration Pathway for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
2.Prof. Jan Chyan-Deng Recognized as Fellow by EWRI
3.Director of ICRT, Timothy Berge Speaks at NCKU
4.NCKU PHD,Huang Ting-Chiao is Offered a Job at a Renowned University
1. NCKU Develops Oh! Tainan APP
2. NCKU Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Science Building
3. NCKU Campus APP Competition
4. Taiwan Applied Materials Looking for Talented Students at NCKU
1. NCKU Medical College Launches Kun-Yen Study
2. NCKU Silicon Research Team to go to the U.S. for Further R&D
3. NCKU President Encourages Younger Generation to Visit Global Leaders
4. Cyrus Chu Talks about Taiwan Economy at NCKU
1. Dr. Su Huey-Jen Inaugurated as NCKU President
2. NCKU Hydrogen-Fueled Electric Scooter Completes Round-Island Trip
3. The First in the World: All-Electric Spin Transistor at NCKU
4. NCKU and Russia Work on the Research of Waves
1.NCKU Wins First Prize at FIRA RoboWorld Cup
2.Research Team of Professor Wang I-Lin Wins Second Prize in RAS Problem Solving Competition
3.NCKU Merchandise Design Competition: Mixing Feelings and Memories with Creativity
1.Renowned Japanese Scholar Takashi Gojobori Receives Honorary Doctorate from NCKU
2.NCKU 2014 Outstanding Alumni Award Ceremony
3.NCKU Smart Crew Passes on the Award to Eden Social Welfare Foundation
1. NCKU Museum Unveils Two Exhibitions on NCKU's 83rd Anniversary
2. NCKU Establishes Creative Platform C-Hub
3. NCKU's 83rd Anniversary Celebration
4. KT Li Technology and Literature Lectureship Award at NCKU
1. NCKU TV Celebration Marks Major Milestone with 111th Episode
2. NCKU Hosts the Su Xue-Lin and Her Contemporaries International Seminar
3. NCKU Develops Soft Lithography Mask
4. Taiwan –EU Symposium on Ocean Observation and Its Application at NCKU
1.NCKU Center for Graphene/2D Materials and Devices Officially Launched
2.NCKU Develops Portable Smart Blood Test Card
3.International Symposium on Energy Technology and Strategy at NCKU
4.NCKU’s New Discovery: Magnesium Battery
1.NCKU Holds Centennial Taiwan Recording Industry Exhibition Kicks Off
2.NCKU Holds Innovation and Startups exhibition with MOST
3.NCKU and Canadian University Research Ovarian Cancer
4.NCKU Hosts International Conference on Cult of Guanyin