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1.55 Students Attended the Summer Scholarship Program through TUSA
2.TUSA Executive Committee donates to NCKU Chinese Language Center
3.The Auxiliary Tools for Electric Wheelchair Stood Out in the 15th Golden Silicon Awards
4.NCKU Cultivates the First Anti-White Spot Disease Shrimp
1.NCKU, Tang Prize Sign Agreement to Promote Collaboration
2.NCKU Chinese Language Center Offers Chinese Classes for Foreign Teachers
3.NCKU Brain Mind Welfare Group Proves the Influence of Music on Cranial Nerve
4.I C Taiwan Exhibition in Czech Republic
1.NCKU Graduates Claim Taiwan Enterprises' Favorite College Graduates, Survey Finds
2.NCKU Reveals Taiwan's First Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle
3.NCKU Extraordinary Research on Microalgae
4.NCKU First Creative Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering Competition
1.Prof. Lee, Yuan-Tseh Gave a Talk on the Solution to Climate Change 
2.The 2015 NCKU Graduate Commencement Ceremony
3.The first International Conference "From Misreading, Shifting Paradigms, Dialogues to Creativity" to kick off
4.CTV News Anchors' Speaking Tour Arrived NCKU as its Last Stop
1.NCKU succeeds in Academic-Industrial Cooperation with Delta Electronics
2.NCKU Industrial Design ‘Trans-Porter’ Wins Young Pin Design Award
3.Dean of College of Humanities & Sciences, Stanford University visited NCKU
4.College of Planning and Design Held International Conference
【Episode 57】- Student Anchor : Emma Lai
1.Artwork Netwalk @NCKU Shows Beauty around Campus
2.NCKU Student Anchor Salon Interviews NCKU President
3.Earth Day Exhibition in Tainan Cultural & Creative Park
4.NCKU hosts Parent-President Conference in Hsinchu
1.NCKU Students Win Top Prize with Pregnancy Service Design
2.2015 Jade-Nano Conference Focuses on Sustainability
3.The Renovation of the Department of Environmental Engineering Building
4.International Students Sing at NCKU Singing Contest
【Episode 56】-  Student Anchor:Cindy Wu

1.NCKU R & D Forum Invites Academician Chu Ching Wu

2.Ground Breaking Ceremony for New NCKU Gymnasium and Swimming Pool

3.NCKU Established The Academic-Industrial Alliance of Biotechnology, Cultural and Creativity

4.Leading NCKU forward to excellence

【Episode 55】-  Student Anchor:Angela Liu
1Karen Seto Yale speaks on Climate Change Mitigation in Urban Areas
2.Min Nan Culture Across the Taiwan Strait Forum Was Held at NCKU
3.2015 International Symposium on Remote Sensing Held at NCKU
4.NCKU Student Anchor Salon Interview with Minister of MOST
【Episode 54】- Student Anchor : Cindy Wu
1.Academician Cheng-Ming Chuong Gives a Talk at NCKU
2.German coastal engineering students visit NCKU
3.NCKU Unmanned Plane Creativity Design Contest First Held in Tainan
4.NCKU Held Water Resource Meeting: Solving the Drought