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【Episode 120】- Student Anchor:Emma Lai
1.Former Prime Minister of Norway Received Honorary Doctorate from NCKU
2.The Closing of 2018 Gro Brundtland Week Light up Sustainable Development


1.NCKU-oBike Collaboration Project
2.NCKU English TED Talks Contest
3.Alumni Gathered to Celebrate NCKU CLC’s 35th Birthday
4.Eight Alumni Awarded as 2017 NCKU Outstanding Alumni
1.NCKU ISRC Established to Assist Indigenous Students
2.The 2017 K.T. Li Technology and Literature Lectureship Award
3. “Exploring Tainan” Leads Students to Taijiang Inner Sea
4.NCKU Marine Medicine Team Discovers Protein B2l
1.K2, Fischer Institute Sports Physical Therapist, Keeps Athletes Moving Forward
2.Prof. Yo, Hwei-Jang Talks about 2017 Nobel Prize Research
3.NCKU Riche High-Speed Portable Cloud Molecular Analyzer Won National Award
4.The Fifth International Conference on Tainan Area Studies Represents the Ancient Tainan
1.International Pavilion at NCKU C-Hub
2.Cheers Magazine Ranks NCKU EMBA Top School
3.Department of Life Sciences Wins NCKU Women’s Basketball Freshmen Cup
4.NCKU Baseball Team Ready for UBL
1.NCKU Research Team Cracks the Mysterious Origins of Orchids
2.2017 Taiwan Design Expo Kicks off in Tainan
3.Tracing Tainan: NCKU Students Connect with Local Culture
4.Freshmen Orientation for International Students sees 500 Foreign Students this Fall
1. NCKU Receives Donation and Sets Up Scholarship
2. NCKU 2017 Freshman Parent Conference
3. The First Asian Healthy Buildings Conference
4. NCKU Hosts the 36th Conference on Surveying and Geomatics and Receives High Praises
1.Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Disease Workshop
2.NCKU Administrators' Workshop Invites NVIDIA for AI & Deep Learning Discussion
3.NCKU Conference on Healthcare in Southeast Asia
4.NCKU Students Build Toilets in Yunnan First-hand Service Learning Experience
1.National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering Officially Launched in Tainan
2.Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta and NCKU Signed a School Level MOU
3.NCKU Ranked No.1 in DailyView's Prestige of Universities Survey
4.Used Books Charity Sale Held by NCKU Library
1.NCKU President Awards Guo, You-Ming, an ALS Student with a Master’s Degree
2.President of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Visits NCKU
3.NCKU Robot Wins First Prize in Golden Silicon Awards
4.Students Exhibit Creativity in the 2nd NCKU Engineering Arts Awards