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The First NCKU TED Talk English presentation Final contest was held by the EAGLE Project Office and the Foreign Language Center on Nov. 8. Liu Hsuan-Hui from the Department of Business Administration was voted by over 100 audiences as the best presenter.
The Creative Continuum exhibition will have a ‘soft’ opening at 10 am on October 29th at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Arts Center. People will be invited to continue to add things to the exhibition through visiting the space or on-line until the day before the exhibition closes on November 12th.

Cheng Kung Toastmasters Club is an English speech club, developing public speaking and leadership skills. Every Sunday night, they will hold the regular meeting at Student Center. People in this club can not only share their ideas through English,but also experience various roles aside from speakers, such as host of the meeting,evaluator, grammarian…etc. In addition, Toastmasters Club will also hold many kinds of activities for people to socialize and make new friends.

The Shakespeare Party was held by Professor Carolyn Scott at the Bard's Corner of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature on April 21. This annual event is a celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday. During the party, Professor Scott gave a brief introduction of this famous English poet and invited students from the English Literature class to read some of the famous Shakespeare's pomes. This party made all of the FLLD members gather together and discuss about the literature works in an interesting way instead of just staying in the classroom. The faculty members and students also enjoyed the foods, having a good time chatting with each other.

The 13 th Leadership Program for the future Elites held by the College of Engineering attracts outstanding students to participate in. Students have to take courses such as English oral training course. Christina, the English oral training teacher in the program, held a party and hoped that with this chance, the students can feel comfortable and confident when speaking English.

2016 NCKU International Carnival with more than 30 booths preparing foods from about 10 countries kicks off at Kung-Fu Campus on March 19 th . This annual event covers exquisite cuisine from various different countries and cultural show like Tradition Clothing, Tradition Games and many more for people in the university community to join.
【台南訊】Job fair kicked off at National Cheng Kung University on March 11 th . With more than 200 companies gathered to join the event, 15,000 job opportunities were released. Moreover,international students were offered with oversea jobs.
On January 30, NCKU Chinese Language Center hold its first Chinese New Year Gala for foreigners to enjoy and feel the festive atmosphere. The gala features Traditional Cultural Lion Dance Performance, Chinese Classical Dance and Electric-Techno Neon Gods. Tim Berge, the General Manager of ICRT, also did a live coverage of the event. People are having great fun playing Chinese words games and participating in Chinese Cultural Activities.
《The Love of Three Oranges》, an English play, performed by National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) students took place at the Phoenix Theatre of NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan on January 8th.The play is different because the story exists but there is no line, so students have to create all the lines and the actions for themselves. The successful play kept the audience laughing throughout the whole performance.
The United International Student Association(UISA) held its first Christmas party on December 22th. It delivers Christmas atmosphere to foreign students, bonding everybody even closer.