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Nobel Laureate Dr. Shuji Nakamura gives lecture at NCKU on February 9

Tainan, Taiwan, February 9, 2017

Speaking at a lecture hosted by National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Nobel Laureate Dr. Shuji Nakamura shared his research findings and observations on lighting technology trends with over 400 faculty and students on the afternoon of February 9.

NCKU Vice President Tung-Yang Chen on behalf of NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su welcomed Dr. Nakamura. He commented that Dr. Nakamura is regarded as the inventor of the blue LED, a major breakthrough in lighting technology.

Chen said, Dr. Nakmura’s pioneering work in blue LED was conducted during his employment at Japan-based Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd.

Educated in Japan from bachelor to PhD. and then work in a domestic company in Japan, Dr. Nakmura’s achievement in winning a Nobel Prize is truly remarkable, added Chen.

The Nobel Physics prize winner in 2014 recommended students who are aspired to science should work hard and innovate. “Focus on what you like and find out the basic rules by doing experiments,” he added.

In his talk, Nakamura started off his presentation with a brief history of his past accomplishments as the inventor of blue LEDs. He also focused on GaN-on-GaN LED, and laser diodes.

Nakamura said that he started the research of blue LEDs using group-III nitride materials in 1989.

In 1993 and 1995, he developed the first group-III nitride-based blue/green LEDs. He also developed the first group-III nitride-based violet laser diodes (LDs) in 1995.

The blue LED was the first generation LED to solve the p-n type issues in LEDs. GaN-on-GaN LEDs are the second generation LEDs that solve this problem, and have become a mass produced product, said Dr. Nakamura.

He is the 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources.

Dr. Nakmura, who is also a professor in the Materials Department of University of California, Santa Barbara, noted the importance of LEDs in energy efficiency.

He holds more than 200 US patents and over 300 Japanese patents. He has published over 550 papers in his field.

The lecture was held at 2:30-4:00 pm, February 9, in the First Lecture Room of the International Conference Hall, Kung-Fu Campus.
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