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Courses designed by NCKU Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences help elementary students to recover from earthquake

Tainan, Taiwan, February 14, 2017

After the Meinong Earthquake in February 2016, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) set up a special team to provide post earthquake reconstruction services. Many students from the local elementary schools in the Guiren District in Tainan City benefited from the university’s reconstruction work.

NCKU is committing to the practice of social engagement and several community and social engagement projects have been launched with the aim of contributing the sustainable development of people and life that made up the community, according to the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences.

The post earthquake reconstruction services are offered by the faculty and staff in the university to explore the relative issues of reconstruction in the area of Annan District, Yongkang District, Guiren District and Yujing District in Tainan City.

Among them, the projects on psychological reconstruction implemented especially in Guiren District had showed satisfactory results.

During the Meinong Earthquake, two buildings collapsed and some of the victims were students from Guiren Elementary School.

The Principal of the Guiren Elementary School proposed the need of psychological reconstruction among the children and worked with NCKU to carry out the psychological counseling since December last year.

The "Disaster Prevention Education and Psychological Reconstruction Training Course" designed for the students in the Guiren Elementary School, aiming to increase students' awareness of earthquake and disaster prevention.

The course is divided into three topics - psychological reconstruction, campus disaster prevention, and campus disaster prevention map.

It is designed for students to share their post earthquake experiences and traumatic feelings in team creation work. They also learned the procedure of earthquake evacuation to lower the fear of earthquake, according to the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences.

The course also focused on disaster awareness through situational simulation and correct disaster response measures, educating students about the risk factors at the time of the earthquake
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