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Public health experts in Korea and Taiwan meet at NCKU to explore issues on environmental and occupational health

Tainan, Taiwan, February 17, 2017

A 25-member delegation from the Korea Society of Environmental Health (KSEH), Korea, visited National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, today, to explore timely issues of environmental and occupational health and strengthen the academic collaboration between Taiwan and Korea.

Dr. Kyungho Choi, a professor of environmental health from the Graduate School of Public Health in Seoul National University, who also served as the Vice President of KSEH, on behalf of the KSEH President Dr. Pangi Kim, led the delegation to visit NCKU and attend the 2017 Taiwan-Korea Conference for Environmental and Occupational Health on February 17.

NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su, a renowned expert on public health, welcomed the delegation at the opening of the conference and commented, “Many professors in the university’s department of environmental and occupational health have been able to take charge in quite a few important issues and agenda related to environmental and occupational studies in Taiwan.”

“This is one of the major platforms for Taiwan’s professional community regarding the efforts toward environmental and occupational health in the country,” President Su added.

In his opening remark, Dr. Choi said, “KSEH was founded in Korea in 1973. We are the oldest academic society in Korea focusing on environmental health and we have long connection with National Cheng Kung University since 2005.”

“We have many friends and colleagues here doing individual collaboration together,” he added.

Dr. Choi also noted that KSEH basically a multi-interdisciplinary collaboration platform in Korea. “We found the similar multi-interdisciplinary here in NCKU which is very great for us and this is the motivation for us to come,” he claimed.

Prof. Ying-Jan Wang, the Director of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health in NCKU, said, “In this conference, we would like to identify potential areas for collaboration in the future.”

A total of six presentations delivered by scholars from both Taiwan and Korea took place in the morning. The topics included arsenic contamination in drinking water, toxicological evaluation of silver nanoparticles and dengue outbreak.

There were also poster sections contributed by students from two sides. They discussed their research findings and exchanged ideas.

Discussion on the future of environmental health between NCKU and KSEH was held to exchange insights on the current issues.
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