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Taiwan-Germany Workshop and Symposium opens in NCKU

Tainan, Taiwan, April 10, 2017

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is currently hosting Taiwan-Germany Workshop and Symposium where more than 300 faculty and students gathered together to learn and discuss the issues related to Taiwan studies, social sciences in psychology, education and economics, respectively.

The event organized by Public Affairs Research Center for Human Rights at the College of Social Sciences in NCKU took place at the college’s auditorium, April 10-11, to facilitate a dialogue and experiences sharing between Taiwan and Germany in mutual understanding.

Professor Yue-Dian Hsu, Dean of the College of Social Sciences in NCKU, said that this workshop will take advantage of the College of Social Sciences in NCKU and its affiliated Contemporary Human Rights and Public Affair Research Center as a working platform.

A new working model or patterns of development, economically, socially and politically, may be exploring or envisaging through our collective efforts from the intellectuals both from Taiwan and Germany, Hsu added.

Professor Hans-Juergen Kerner from Institute of Criminology, University of Tübingen, attended the two-day symposium and said that this is his sixth time visit to Taiwan and the relationship between NCKU and his university is very close, especially in social sciences studies.

Professor Gunter Schubert from European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT), University of Tübingen also invited to join the two-day workshop and symposium.

Prof. Schubert, the Director of ERCCT gave an opening keynote on the topic, “The European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT) - Idea, Concept Objectives.”

He said, “ERCCT is basically a research platform to invite scholars from all over the world including Taiwan to stay in Tubingen, present their research, get feedback on their research by having intense academic exchange and interaction.”

ERCCT also help students develop their PhD research and publish the work and let everybody know the scholar community include wider audience, what Taiwan is or what Taiwan does, basically to life up the visibility of Taiwan and Taiwan studies in Europe, he added.

Three sections included in the symposium: Law and Politics Dialogue between Taiwan and Germany; Politics and Economics Dialogue between Taiwan and Germany; Generation Gap: Experience Exchange between Taiwan and Germany.
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