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New reading center “KnowLEDGE” set up at NCKU to accommodate more students

Tainan, Taiwan, April 26, 2017

The “KnowLEDGE” Reading Center, a renewed space for both individual and collaborative learning, is the first reading space on campus to respond to the students’ need for study, discussion, and idea-sharing.

The reading center is divided into two major areas, group discussion area and individual study area.

What makes the space design of the reading center special is that the tables and the chairs here are adjustable based on the number of the students, which provide a more functional and creative environment for students.

The name of the newly-established reading center “KnowLEDGE” was from the idea generated by NCKU Associated University Librarian Prof. Sheng-Fen Chien.

She said, “People associate the first letter ‘K’ with reading.” (In Chinese, the pronunciation of the verb ‘read’ is similar to that of the letter K.)

We hope that the reading center can have multiple functions besides providing reading room for students, and that is the new interpretation of the reading center ‘now’. ‘K’ and ‘now’ therefore form the morpheme ‘know’, said Prof. Chien.

She continued, through the process of acquiring ‘knowledge’, people have to ‘know’ the meaning of the knowledge and then transfer it into wisdom by experience and study.

‘Ledge’ means a layer or mass of rock underground, and we interpret ‘ledge’ as the ledge of the deep knowledge is awaiting us to explore it.”
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