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NCKU hosts the 2017 Forum on Smart and Sustainable Development

The NCKU College of Planning and Design organized the 2017 Forum on Smart and Sustainable Development on 27-28 November 2017. The 2-day forum aimed to facilitate dialogue among the participating universities: 16 faculty members from the NCKU College of Planning and Design, 5 from the Faculty of Social and Political Science and the Departments of Architecture and Planning of the University of Gadjah Mada (Indonesia), and 4 from the Faculty of Built Environment of the University Malaya (Malaysia).

As the current state of urban development brings new issues to every city –
such as increasing levels of pollution and the greater magnitude of natural disasters – the issues of sustainability and smart technology have been pinpointed in recent decades. In the past 20 years, the issue of sustainability has been studied from many research directions – with unique perspectives brought by various countries – leading to different pathways of development. In addition, the past decade has included rapid progress in and higher access to ICT technology, the ubiquitous use of the Internet of Things, smart-phone applications, and technological breakthroughs, which enable safer and more convenient use of ICT technology as a center of creativity and entrepreneurship – bringing new trends in global development. Taking into account these trends, this forum focused on the exchange of ideas on sustainable urban development and research in smart technology.

In his opening remarks on 27 November, Dean Fonggong Wu welcomed the delegations from the University of Malaya and the University of Gadjah Mada, who came from afar to join the forum. He expressed his hope that the professors and students of the 3 participating universities could benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experiences during this forum by identifying common research interests and creating joint efforts to support the development of government policies.

Two parallel sessions of 21 speeches were open to NCKU faculty, staff, and students, as well as tothe public. To close the forum, a visit to the Southern Taiwan Science Park was arranged for the university delegations to show Taiwan’s ability to apply sustainability concepts during the development of the park and the collaboration of NCKU and the Science Park in the incubation of technology and innovation. The Tainan City Government also introduced some methods of implementing excellent research results related to smart technology, which has benefitted the public in several areas – demonstrating examples of the achievements of Tainan’s university-industry-government collaborations to the international delegations.
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