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NCKU Nears Step in Nuclear Fusion Power

(Articles from China Post)
TAINAN, Taiwan, Nov.20 -- National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan City will complete the installation Taiwan’s first small-scale magnetized plasma device in 2009, marking a small step forward in the nation’s nuclear fusion power study, university sources said yesterday. They noted that as dozens of countries, such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and some European nations, already have a head start in this area, Taiwan has to step up its pace in fusion power research if it wishes to develop more sources of “clean” energy.

Fusion power is considered as a safer option than the existing fission power, as the method produces manageable waste through a controllable process, according to the researchers at NCKU’s Plasma and Space Science Center, an institution established in 2006 to promote plasma sciences, fusion energy, and space sciences.

They said the small-scale magnetized plasma installation — a magnetic mirror in essence — is a window to wider areas of research in fusion power.

The Plasma and Space Science Center, led by Dr. Cheng Chio-Zong-former chief scientist at Taiwan’s National Space Organization, currently retains 15 full-time research fellows in space instrument, plasma science, computer resource, and microwave laboratories.
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