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NCKU Institute of International Management Master Graduates Won 2016 the Ninth TSC Thesis Symposium Award-wn

Two master graduates from NCKU Institute of International Management won awards from prestigious thesis competition symposiums in Taiwan. Cherdpong Nobsathian, whose thesis titled 'When Tourist Commodities Become Souvenirs: The Effect of Indexical versus Iconic Cues on Perceived Souvenir Authenticity,' won Special Award for Student from Friendship Country in hospitality category from 2016 the Ninth TSC Thesis Symposium Award. Chun-Hsien Wang, whose thesis titled 'How Brand Design Concepts Affect Authenticity and Aesthetic Perception: The Strategic Branding Implications from 琉璃工坊 (Liuli-Gong-Fang) and 法蘭瓷 (Franz),' won Excellence Award in marketing category from the same symposium, and another Excellence Award from 2016 Fubon Life Insurance Management Master Thesis Award. Their advisor is Prof. Faye J. Kao.
Cherdpong Nobsathian (2014 IMBA) is the first international master student who has ever won an award in thesis competition in Taiwan. After graduated from Food Science and Technology of Kasetsart University, Thailand, he had worked in food business for five years before deciding to come to Taiwan to study at Institute of International Management master program of NCKU. He himself is a good cook, and loves to travel to experience the culture and the extraordinary in different places and time. Souvenirs are the evidence of the traveling memory, which inspire him to conduct research on souvenir as his master thesis topic.
'Thank to my advisor for recommending me to attend this event, it is an interesting competition due to not only my thesis won an award, but also I could learn and share the knowledge and experience with other attendants and committees. There is no change in me after this experience. I still keep working and enjoying all everyday experience. I just want to encourage more international students to try discovering new things. The opportunity not only comes by chance or destiny, it also depends on ourselves to do or not to do it,' he said after winning the award. Currently, he is working in Taipei. He aspires to create his own brand by integrating the knowledge of food industry and business management in the future.
Chun-Hsien Wang (2015 IMBA) from Taiwan won two Excellence Awards in marketing category from two thesis competitions. He had six years of working experience prior to pursue his master degree at Institute of International Management, NCKU. His thesis was grounded in anecdotal observation, which originated from Taiwanese companies' development biography, i.e. from OEM to ODM to eventually creating their own brands, to define new constructs for brands in developing countries.
However, the six-year-experience does not always bring him advantage, 'I actually had never thought that I would have gone back to school to continue my master-degree in my life, especially after working for six years. The six-year-working experience was actually my real barrier to pick up books to read. Textbooks had not been my friends anymore since my first day of working,' he added. Despite that, he overcame all difficulties and won himself two awards, 'winning the awards was such powerful reward to me since it recognized the countless hard work I did, and it proved me that I could create personal value.'
Regarding the English and multicultural learning environment, he considers it as a positive motivation, 'discussing and learning in an entire English environment with international classmates was the most interesting thing and motivation for me. Not only we discussed about new concepts from the textbooks, but also applied the knowledge to solve case problems. It was absolutely the best way of learning and growing your management competence.'
Institute of International Management established in 2003 is an English program for graduate students from all over the world. The Institution has been developing joint programs with universities worldwide, and platforms to connect academics and industry sectors in Asia. Both award winner pursued their academic achievement in this program. And their advisor Prof. Faye J. Kao has been advising students to conduct research on how culture can inspire brand strategy.
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