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The Use Of Microalgae As Shrimp Feed Draws Silicon Valley Angel Investors’ Eyes-wn

Researchers from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Biotechnology Center have been doing researches related to microalgae for years, and the result made them stand out from other participants in Silicon Valley Startup Leadership Program and receive training in Silicon Valley for three months last year.
Jiun-Ting, Chen, one of the research members, said, 'Originally, we wanted to make a connection between our research and healthcare products. However, Silicon Valley Angel Investors gave us a detailed analysis about the differences between Asian and the Western customers in the healthcare market, making us decide to change our investment direction.'
'Then we wondered if it is possible to apply our researches to aquaculture. Luckily, Yung-Jung, Luo, another member of our team had the experience of breeding shrimps. Finally, we put our researches into the use of shrimp feed,' Chen continued.
Luo then noted, 'In the process of breeding the shrimps, we fed the shrimps with microalgae only. Amazingly, people who are allergic to shrimps didn't have any allergic reaction after they ate the shrimps we bred.'
'In the future, we hope we can make the quality of our shrimp feed better. We are now doing researches about the diseases of shrimps, and we are looking forward to applying our latest study to the use of microalgae as shrimp feed. We want to make the world recognize the outstanding achievements NCKU makes.' Luo indicated.
Silicon Valley Angel Investors appreciated the team of NCKU Biotechnology Center's technique and the project's market potential. After the team members returned to Taiwan, the investors still held video conferences with the team members regularly.
This July, the chief of Silicon Valley Angel Investors came to Taiwan, and the team of NCKU Biotechnology Center proposed that they cooperate with investors. Recently, both of the team and the interested investors have already collaborated with each other.
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