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NCKU Techno Art Program Launched The International Conference, The 3rd ISAT: Collision, Collaboration And The Future Of Artsci-wn

From 14 November to 17 November 2016, the Techno Art Program of National Cheng Kung University was honored to collaborate with the Art & Technology Association Taiwan and Goethe Institute, in organizing The 3rd ISAT: Collision, Collaboration and the Future of Artsci, held at NCKU International Conference Hall and NCKU Art Center.
The conference, organized by Assistant Professor Ming Turner from the Institute of Creative Industries Design and Techno Art Program, allocated 8 academic sessions with 25 academic papers and one artists' session, which featured art works made of digital media by 16 international artists' groups.
Seven eminent international scholars were invited to give keynote speeches, covering up-to-date thinking and development in the world of art and technology, through which they shared their ideas about the possibility of the future of Artsci.
The main objective of The 3rd ISAT: Collision, Collaboration and the Future of Artsci is to explore the possibility of collaboration between art and technology, both now and in the future. It also serves as an open platform for facilitating the international exchange of state-of-the art knowledge in the field of art and technology.
The 3rd ISAT: Collision, Collaboration and the Future of Artsci focuses on the interchange of creativity and innovation with the aims of exploring what is new, sharing ideas, shaping future collaboration, and promoting excellence in outstanding research and practice.
It was the first internationally call-for-paper conference on this subject in Taiwan, and it served to spark to ignite dialogue and collaboration with the prestigious international guests, including artists, makers, scholars, theorists, and curators in the field of art and technology in Taiwan and internationally.
Seven eminent keynote speakers include Professor Arthur I. Miller (Emeritus Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at University College London), Professor Mike Stubbs (Director of FACT, UK), Associate Professor Tomasz Bednarz (QUT and CSIRO, Australia), Professor Tomimatsu Kiyoshi (Kyushu University, Japan), Professor Ursula Damm (Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany) and Professor Jutta Weber (The University of Paderborn, Germany). Conference website:
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