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NCKU Students Share Experience In Stanford’s Leadership Program-wn

A group of students from many different departments at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, recently talked about their personal experience in participating the Global Leadership and Engagement (GLE) program offered by VIA, a nonprofit organization founded at Stanford University, at a conference hosted by Office of International Affairs (OIA) in NCKU.
Christy Inhulsen, Director of Cross-Cultural and Leadership Programs of VIA, visited NCKU and shared the programs they do saying, 'The biggest thing will be the friendship you form with people from other countries.'
She also said, 'We had many NCKU students attend social innovation, leadership and American Language and Culture Program.'
Julian Chang, a student from the Department of Material Sciences and Engineering, joined the American Language and Culture (ALC) program this summer in Stanford University. He said, 'I want to dig out my potential to do research in such a social issue which is totally different from material sciences.'
'After ALC program, I change my thinking style, and I now have courage to do something different for my life, said Julian. 'So if you are stuck with what you major or tired of staying in the comfort zone like me, it is time for you to try something new,' he added.
Wesley Lin, a senior material sciences student, said, 'I know VIA program from my friend who has been there before. After exploring the website, I have found out there is a program focusing on the social issue and global leadership and that is GLE.'
He claimed that he learned the social issues in America and the social issue in the other members' countries.
Julian also commented, 'In the courses, I learned how to write an essay and deliver a presentation. Specifically, after the program, I understand how to use English more properly and precisely. But the most I learned in class is the ability of critical thinking. During the class, we would discuss lots of social issues with our classmates and teacher.'
Another NCKU student Ya-No O said, 'From participating courses and visiting organizations and companies, I learned how to solve problem with new thoughts, which I can apply not only in social issues but also in my life.'
Ya-No recommended his fellow students to apply for the program saying, 'In some programs they give scholarship for us to apply, which can ease the financial stress. If you look for different life experience and know about culture background in America, this program will definitely impress you.'
Inhulsen said, 'VIA was started over fifty years ago by Stanford University students interested in going to Asia and doing volunteer work and learning more about the culture.'
'And about seventeen years ago we start to accept Asian students over Silicon Valley and Stanford University,' she added.
VIA is an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing understanding between the U.S. and Asia.
The Global Leadership and Engagement (GLE) program will convene 25-30 students from across Asia to learn and share their perspectives on pressing global challenges. During this immersive experience, participants will visit innovative organizations tackling complex social issues, join exciting workshops to develop leadership skills and design their own project to lead after the program.
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