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NCKU Conducts First Large-Scale Steel Structure Building Fire Test-wn

To identify and prioritize the opportunities for big data to inform decision making for inspection used for built-in fire protection systems, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Department of Civil Engineering in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Architectural Research Institute set up a steel laboratory to carry out the first large-scale steel structure building fire test in early December.
The building located at NCKU's Kuei-Jen Campus in Kuei-Jen District of the Great Tainan City.
According to the university, the big data will provide the government as a domestic steel construction fire performance design specifications for reference.
The fire burning for almost an hour and the university research team has collected data related to floor and steel beam temperature changes.
The newly completed fire experiment is designed to study the structure of the beams when supporting the weight of the slab in the steel structure, and the fire in the real structure and the fire-resistance.
The experiment simulates on-site fire burning for about one hour.
The fire experimental steel experimental house modeled from the commonly used H-type steel and beam-to-column joint type, in accordance with the design of steel structure in Taiwan, built by joint efforts between NCKU's Civil Engineering Research Team and the China Steel Corporation.
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