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NCKU, ARTC Collaborate To Advance Automotive Technology Innovation-wn

In response to demands for better safety, environment protection and electronic control, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in collaborate with the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) for the last three years has develop the innovative technologies in automobiles.
On Tuesday, December 13, at the 1st floor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, NCKU, a research expo was held to showcase the 3-year research result.
The representatives from ARTC, professors and students in NCKU are invited to explore displays and meet the research teams.
The research expo displayed the latest technologies including the driver's physiological information fusion technology, parking area auto-assisted driving system and electric vehicle wireless charging system.
Prof. Fong-Chin Su, the CEO of Research and Services Headquarters in NCKU, said, 'The collaboration between NCKU and ARTC has been very fruitful.'
We have developed a lot of key technologies in the electric car, smart wireless charging or positioning, automatic driving, battery energy conversion and the technologies can be applied to buses, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, Prof. Su noted.
The ARTC also showcased its products in three categories -smart safety, energy saving, and vehicle networking.
ARTC has constantly focused on innovative technology, and hopes to move on with industry to break through leading technologies under the counseling measures from the government.
ARTC was established in 1990 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs together with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Environmental Protection Administration and representatives of the enterprises based on the Automotive Industry Development Policy.
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