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NCKU Center For General Education Sets Up Courses On Nature And Humanity-wn

With the coming of e-learning era, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) offers students a variety of online courses on Moodle, and among them, 'Living Horticulture' is the first online course, which is related to daily gardening and aims to educate students the process of caring plants and thus have respect for lives.
Prof. Yung-Nane Yang, Director of NCKU Center for General Education (CGE), pointed out, 'The century-old banyan tree at Banyan Garden was torn by the typhoon last year. Hopefully, NCKU launched Banyan Tree Conservation Project to reconstruct the images of the century-old banyan tree through the artistic and ecological perspectives. Then we come up with the idea that we can lead the students to do hands-on activities and art courses through the general education courses.'
'The courses include the self-development of faculty members and the career exploration of students. The targets are diverse: from the society and the community to the living creature and the humankind. We also plan to set up courses related to self-growing and career planning,' Prof. Yang added.
The first online course 'Living Horticulture' is instructed by Dr. Woei-Jiun Guo from NCKU Institute of Tropical Plant Science. By taking the course, students can have better understanding of how to create a suitable planting environment, how to keep pests away, how to trim the plants and so on. The ultimate goal of this course is to make people realize the importance of conserving trees and nature, and finally put efforts into wood conservation.
In order to make the course better, CGE also collaborate with NCKU Office of General Affairs (OGA) to hold two conference about planting for the staff members at OGA.
In the future, CGE and NCKU Institute of Tropical Plant Science will put more hands-on activities related to beautifying the campus and protecting the trees into the course by collaborating with NCKU Horticulture Club to integrate general education courses and service learning.
Besides 'Living Horticulture', 'Fire-energy, Environment and Safety' instructed by NCKU Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Ta-Hui Lin, 'Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events' instructed by NCKU Department of Earth Sciences Prof. Cheng-Chien Liu and 'Dialogue between Music and Architecture' instructed by NCKU Department of Architecture Prof. Wei-Chieh Wang are also worth-taking. These three courses are said to be the three must-take courses at NCKU.
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