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NCKU Service Learning Engages Local Community With The World-wn

Service learning connects community service with academic learning, and to civic responsibility and personal growth. A special course on international volunteers opened in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in cooperation with Tainan Municipal HouJia Junior High School to enrich the learner experience with global vision and cultural diversity.
A fundraising event for charity initiated by a group of students from NCKU, local and international, working with a group of students from Tainan Municipal HouJia Junior High School was held on the afternoon of December 19.
Also, the students teamed up to perform short plays in front of the art installations on campus. Their performance is filmed and appreciated by the university community where people gathered and enjoyed the show.
Jean Donald Minoungou from Burkina Faso who is a senior in the Department of Resource Engineering said, 'I'd like to join the event because I want to know more about the little kids. I have been here for almost four years and I spend most of my time with people of my same age and who are older than me.'
He also urged international students in the university to join the fundraising activities to help people in need.
To perform in a play, Minoungou wears a special shirt and hat to represent his country. He said, 'The performance is to raise awareness of helping people in need.'
Prof. Ching-Min Chen, the instructor of social learning, said, This course enables students to study community issues in depth, to get involved in community action, and to work toward making a difference in their communities.
The fundraising team comprised of students from many countries including Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Burkina Faso.
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