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National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) has been collaborating with other colleges at NCKU and many enterprises in Taiwan, hoping to carry out interdisciplinary studies and academia-industry-government collaboration.
The curriculum of EECS has been emphasizing on students' ability of being creative and starting business.
EECS has invited experts and top managers from prestigious corporations and organizations in Taiwan, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Himax Technologies, United Microelectronics Corporation, National Nano Device Laboratories and so on to open courses related to the integration of theories and practice.
For researching, EECS has formed several research teams with different targets to strengthen the collaboration with corporations and government.
Prof. Tsorng-Juu Liang from NCKU Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) leads a research team at Green Energy Electronics Research Center. Up to 2015, the research team has earned more than 30 patents.
Prof. Chris Gwo-Giun Lee from NCKU Department of EE has also been leading a research team which has been collaborating with Inform Genomics, founded by experts and scholars from Harvard University, MIT and University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, that merges clinical medicine, genomics with its downstream biologic pathways and advances in biostatistics.
The research team has entered into an agreement by which Inform Genomics will receive the license to US Patents for the exclusive use by Inform Genomics to develop precision medicine products.
Prof. Jeen-Shing Wang from NCKU Department of EE has been leading a research team at Computational Intelligence and Learning System Lab, which focuses artificial intelligence and its application. They have invented an electrical watch called 'iNCKU', which aims to enhance students' health conditions.
Prof. Jung-Hsien Chiang from Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) has been collaborating with Kyoto University, U.S. Institute for Systems Biology, Cambridge University and so on to do research related to biomedicine. They have accomplished a lot in researches on cancer, stem cells and gene mapping.
Assistant Prof. Kun-Ta Chuang from Department of CSIE has been doing a project with Tainan City Government which jointly set up first computing laboratory for epidemic prevention to formulate an epidemic prevention project highlighted cloud computing by using data analysis and artificial intelligence technology.
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