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Pecha Kucha Night Tainan #14 to Be Held on Dec. 29-Business Wire

PKN Tainan #14 will be centered on the sustainability visions in Tainan community in aspects of economy, education, social engagement and environmental protection.

Bart van Bueren, Visiting Expert at the Department of Architecture in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) will speak at the fourteenth PKN Tainan about a Tainan-based Dutch Design Post in which projects involve Circular Economy, Social Design and Innovation.

At the basis to acquire budgets for innovation is international ‘triple helix’ collaboration between governments, universities and companies, said Bart.

Leslie Tsai, the city organizer of PKN Tainan, explained, Pecha Kucha is a simple presentation format in which each speaker brings 20 slides and speaks about a topic, and each slide is shown for only 20 seconds.

“Sustainability is essential to urban development. People in Tainan are involving a lot of sustainable ideas about their life in the city and even the future development of the world;” said Tsai, “Therefore, in PKN Tainan #14 we have invited 10 speakers to share their work and their visions for a sustainable city.”

As a PhD candidate in NCKU, Tsai initiated PKN Tainan in 2013. Through organizing PechaKucha Nights in the culturally rich city of Tainan, Leslie has been driven to incubate, promote, and empower its emerging young talent.

The Pecha Kucha Night has traveled to over 900 cities and the first PKN Tainan was held in December 2013, according to Tsai.

PKN Tainan #14 will commence at 1 p.m., Dec. 29 with stories from scholars, experts, educators, community workers, magazine editors, and journalists.
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