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CommonWealth Magazine ran a University Citizen Rankings survey, ranking universities based on university governance, teaching/learning environment, and social engagement. Based on these three major dimensions, the magazine ranked 153 universities for their level of social responsibility. National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) ranked among the top of the list with the best score overall in the national public university category.
“The geographic and cultural diversity of WUN allows us to build distinctive constellations of talents!” WUN (Worldwide Universities Network) General Manager Dr. Mike Hasenmueller remarked in WUN RDF & RMP Meeting at NCKU on 4 October.
As we enter a new era of artificial intelligence (AI), Taiwan needs to focus on the bigger picture, fostering ideas and building environments that will help cultivate the next generation of talented software engineers.
“This was my first time going to the US and my first time attending an international academic event. It was very unforgettable. Out of all the things that I gained from this trip to the US, the most significant were courage, a different perspective, and greater confidence about my direction for the future.” Fourth-year law student Yu-En Xie admitted that had NCKU not give him this opportunity, he would never have been able to afford this trip. For him, this valuable experience would nurture his life and contribute to a greater driving force and progress in the future.