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COVID-19 pandemic has hit the whole globe late last year. People are faced with severe challenges in their health, life and societies. This unprecedented moment is regarded as an ordeal for all governments, and a spur for most countries to tremendously dedicate to advance related biotechnology and medical epidemic preventions. It encourages utilization and market growth of medical technology and devices such as PPE (personal protective equipment), rapid testing kits, diagnosis & monitoring devices, telemedicine and preventive healthcare. National Cheng Kung University(NCKU), one of healthcare frontlines and top universities in Southern Taiwan, fight against the new coronavirus with Taiwan government and the world by integrating resources shortly and harnessing its capacity of science research and clinical experiences.
“Only by training oneself to create an unprecedented work can one transmit courage to others,” says Dr. Cho.

With persistence and courage, Dr. Cho believes that his creations become perfect through experiencing risks and crises. COVID-19 has caused global economic effects, and the fashion industry is no exception. By launching the series of face masks, Dr. Cho also expects that “people will be empowered by his works.”
The Tainan PinkDot enters its sixth year on its quest to promote sexual equality. This year, gender expression is the central topic for the campaign, serving as the focus of discussion in the featured events. To spark engagement, the organizers put together an interactive SNS event suggesting the use of the color pink, live streams, and talks on the LGBTQ+ experience, as well as a workshop to debunk toxic masculinity.
May 2020 marks the 1-year anniversary of the Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDa) Asia Office at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). TUDa and NCKU have had a cooperative relationship for 30 years. Together, the two universities have put effort into joint research programs and have built student exchange programs. This semester, TUDa chose to send over five students to NCKU as part of an exchange program. On May 8th during the students’ poster presentations, the exchange students from TUDa shared some of their experiences and thoughts with us.