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NCKU and RUAS team up to go towards a Circular Economy

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) team up together in an education module on Circular Economy Business. This week an Inter-Institutional Agreement is signed between the universities, which also involves an Erasmus+ Mobility Fund.

Cor van Leeuwen from RUAS is visiting NCKU this week for the signing ceremony and to put the Agreement into actions. He and his colleagues from RUAS already spent 5 years building up an online education platform which enables students to analyze companies on how to reduce their environmental impact. RUAS is already recognized as one of the official Network Universities of the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation (EMF), because of their online platform ‘Fieldlab Circular Economy and Business Innovation’.

“Since we started Circular NCKU in 2016, we aimed to become EMF’s first Network University in Asia. This collaboration with Rotterdam is a great leap towards this goal,” says Bart van Bueren, Visiting Expert at NCKU. Bart van Bueren has been at NCKU already 6 years but is a native Dutch.

As the fund is now officially approved, Prof Shun-Fen Tzeng Chairperson of Department of Life Sciences and Prof Song-Bin Chang will sign the Inter-Institutional Agreement on behalf of NCKU. The Agreement will go directly into action as per September two NCKU students will visit Rotterdam for the project. Student Wayne (陳冠維) is a Water management student who has been in the Circular NCKU program from the beginning, but was also seeking for international study opportunities: “I’m very excited for my exchange and to learn from the many famous Circular Economy examples from the Netherlands.”
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