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The story behind ICID’s new brand identity

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID), ICID assistant Professor Yen-Ting Cho and graphic designer Jia-Zhen Liu decided to redesign ICID’s visual image while staying true to the Institute's objective and move forward to the next stage.

ICID is known for its diverse environment with students coming from all over the world to study in English-taught courses and interdisciplinary fields of design and industry integration unique in NCKU. The new logo’s concept is diversity; the thick characteristics of calligraphy create the four letters of ICID and then the idea of interdisciplinary is extended to form the letters into the Chinese character 「創」(Creativity/Create). ICID has created its own unique position in NCKU and this time we are leaving the orderly and serious behind in exchange for energy and engaged interest.

The new logo brings out the concept of innovation and diversity in ICID. From using the alphabet in a creative way to using the sunny orange and global age blue green colors, we are breaking through the old system limitations and moving towards the future. The use of gradation adds merging movement and brings out the goal of ICID. After a year of back and forth discussion, the new ICID log is finally revealed.

We use three gradient colors and set up three standard colors to diversify the usage from name card to certificate and diploma. The dynamic and flexible design can apply anywhere but still retains the overall consistent design.

ICID Professor Hui-Wen Lin said “The new logo is ever changing; it’s diverse, unconventional, and filled with movement. This applies to both appearing in the institute's space and on the website, it’s very consistent.” Designing CIS looks easy and straightforward, but in reality there are many details and decision-making to integrate the entire visual design.

Designer Jia-Zhen Liu received her M.A. from Department of Visual Design, National Kaohsiung Normal University. After she joined Professor Yen-Ting Cho’s team of the same name, she was the designer for 2017 Taiwan Expo YENTING CHO Movement - Pattern - Object Exhibition. Jia-Zhen Liu said that the working method in the team is quite different than taking and designing for a case. Professor Cho gives her many room to explore and discuss creatively. She found that she can approach it in different ways and input her own ideas into the design.

Jia-Zhen Liu also has numerous experience including package design, editing design, CIS, and she is a part-time high school art teacher. Jia-Zhen Liu is dedicated in the area of art education and commercial design, touching on the different faces of art and design in life and integrating them into education.
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