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Olympic Games PPI Tainan 2019 "Unity in Diversity" held in NCKU

Olympic Games PPI Tainan 2019 "Unity in Diversity" is hosted by Indonesian Student Association in Tainan (PPI Tainan) and runsfrom October 13th to November 24th. The 7-week competition includes various sports tournaments and is held in National Cheng Kung University, Chung Hwa University and Far East University. With the theme for this year, “Unity in Diversity,” PPI Tainan hopes to promote cooperation and fellowship among the competitors from different cultural backgrounds.

This is the third Olympic Games hosted by Indonesian Student Association in Tainan (PPI Tainan), which launches in National Cheng Kung University, asbefore. The sports contests include basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, racing and E-sport. Each of the games is held ona separate weekend.

According to PPI Tainan, although all are eligible to enter the Olympic Games, the majority of participants have been Indonesian athletes over the past two years. The theme “Unity in Diversity” is chosen to encourage participants from different countries or cultures to work together and compete fairly. Thanks to PPI Tainan’s efforts, members of several student associations, such as Malaysia Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association and Thailand Student Association, have entered the competition. In addition, students from various cities and universities in Southern Taiwan have also participated in theevent. This year, around 500 people have registered in Olympic Games 2019, which is 200 more than the number last year.

Muhammad Rizaldy, who studies in the Department of Electrical Engineering at NCKU, is the chairpersonof the event. Muhammad thinks that it is important to have a balanced number of participants of both sexes, so that there are enough female players for football, volleyball and table tennis. Hence, he has invited several women to join the event regardless of their skill in sports, and practiced with them patiently. “I’m impressed by the amusing stories about the previous Olympic games, when some female players who participated in a sports contest for their first time did something funny. I hope that the female players this year can do their best and enjoy themselves in the game.”

During the interview, Muhammad expressed his gratitude to the director of the International Students Affairs Division and the vice president of Office of International Affairs in NCKU, who provided them financial support and booking information about free competition venue on campus. He also thanked Physical Education Office for helping the Association access the free venue.(End item:Zoe Chen)
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