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EmedIC Global 2019 NCKU Department of Medical-Engineering Students Win Gold

The research and development of innovative medical technology and medical equipment has gradually attracted social attention in recent years. Students from the Department of Medical Engineering of Success University put their knowledge into action and organized a team to go to Singapore to participate in the "EmedIC Global 2019"-a competition organized by Zhou Yuhao's Innovative Medical Technology Center. "Periodontal Healthcare" won the only gold award for research and development. Another group of excellent works was developing an app and joining ABA therapy to train autistic children to recognize emotions and respond correctly to others' emotions.

The Engineering Medical Innovation Competition (EMedIC) Global is a global challenge in which teams of university students. The EMedIC Global was first organized in 2016 in Hong Kong; its second competition was organized and held in 2017 in Taipei and last year in 2018, it was again held in Hong Kong. had attracted students from China, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and USA. This year, the competition was held in Singapore.had attracted students from fifteen countrys, about forty excellent students'group ,this competition is fierce.

Gold-winning team has three members.Captain Tina Zhuo is the UI designer, Jessica Li is responsible for software design and market analysis, and Jeff Huang is responsible for hardware and 3D model design. The whole process is to give a briefing in English and accept the inquiry. The main goal of this technology is to develop a light oral care sheath set. Use electric toothbrush brush heads, near-infrared light probes, and ultraviolet light probes to clean and periodontal teeth for simple home inspection. The goal of oral health and care is to reduce periodontal disease and oral bacteria growth.

This set of oral care electric toothbrush kits includes electric brush heads, near-infrared (NIR) probes, ultraviolet (UV) probes, and grips with built-in low-power Bluetooth transmission modules and wireless charging modules. Wireless charging tray. Not only can the near-infrared light discriminate the oxygenated heme and deoxyheme concentrations, and the characteristics of the heme concentration in the inflamed area, but the near-infrared light source and receiver can detect whether there is a potential period of inflammation or the initial period Inflammation to facilitate early diagnosis and timely treatment; at the same time installing a corresponding APP on the smart phone can record data, user segmentation, calculation, judgment, prediction, and automatic appointment of dentist.

Tina said, in addition to the design and theoretical basis with universal needs, the reason for winning the competition is to be able to propose a market assessment. A work from scratch, from idea to entity, can experience a step-by-step problem solving process, and learn to organize a team, integrate opinions, and then produce a work. The ultimate goal of the competition is to be able to actually use the work in the medical field, taking into account its feasibility and market size. Faced with Taiwan, where biomedical related industries are booming, this is a very good training and learning opportunity.

As for the product ideas that have achieved good work, the most commonly used therapy for autism is behavioral analysis. However, the current treatment methods can easily make autistic children lose patience. At the same time, studies have shown that autistic children have 3C products It ’s more interesting. Although there are many apps developed for autistic children on the market, they are rarely dedicated to emotional recognition. Therefore, this product is mainly to develop an APP and add ABA therapy to train children with autism to identify emotions and respond correctly to the emotions of others.
NCKU Department of Medical-Engineering Students Win Gold
EmedIC Global 2019 gold award
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