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International Alumni from NCKU’s Department of Nursing Join Forces to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic in an International Webinar

Thursday, July 9th saw the first Webinar held by the Association of International NCKU Nursing Alumni (AINNA) after its founding in June 2020. Alumni from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Department of Nursing pooled together their knowledge and experience in the combat against COVID-19.


The first international Webinar by the AINNA promoted the theme of NCKU ALUMNI CONTRIBUTION TO NURSING HIGHER EDUCATION DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Professor Hsu Yu-Yun (許玉雲教授) and three outstanding alumni were invited to the WEBINAR to deliver speeches on nursing science.



Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU, applauds the contributions of the students from the Department of Nursing 


The AINNA came into existence in the context of the ‘new normal’ in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Nursing, NCKU, established its International Advanced Program in Nursing in 2012 and has since nurtured and trained many talented students, local and international alike, in the field of nursing science, who later became contributors to health systems in their own countries. The international alumni from the NCKU Department of Nursing have long been discussing the possibility of founding an alumni association, but due to the restrictions of time and space, the idea of AINNA remained a dream until 2020.


“The COVID-19 pandemic made us realize that distance is not a barrier for us to connect at the academic level,” said Dhea Natashia, an alumnus of the NCKU International Advanced Program in Nursing and now a doctoral student in the Department of Nursing, who also stated, “The discussions related to establishing an international alumni association and holding a Webinar became more serious.” The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reshaped how people connect and interact with one another, and this change has redefined the idea of an alumni association for the Department of Nursing alumni.



The Department of Nursing congratulates AINNA on the success of the first Webinar


With the help of the NCKU Department of Nursing, the AINNA was officially formed in June 2020. The association grants alumni a channel through which to communicate ways to showcase their achievements in nursing and to promote the nursing program. The early concept for the Webinar was aimed toward encouraging nursing educators to stay productive in terms of educating students, conducting research, and providing community services during the pandemic.


In 2020 thus far, people have undergone many shifts to adjust to life during a pandemic. The concept of social distancing prompted remote working, which in the academic scene includes remote teaching, learning, and research. In the Webinar, the “new normal” in the post-COVID-19 era was discussed as well as how the new normal state affects both medical and academic contexts.



Invited speakers talked about life during a pandemic in the international Webinar


Dr. Hsu Yu-Yun shared the NCKU experience with preventing COVID-19, introducing the precautions the university has taken in order make the campus safe. Dr. Haryani, NCKU Ph.D. alumni, and currently the Director of the Undergraduate Nursing Program in Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia, discussed UGM’s responses to and preparations for the long-term combat against COVID-19. Dr. Sugiharto, Ph.D. alumni of the NCKU Nursing Program, and currently the Head of Financial and Human Resources in STIKES Muhammadiyah Pekajangan, Indonesia, talked about how family relations in families with members with chronic illnesses will change in the ‘new normal’ era. Dr. Ferry Efendi, Ph.D. and alumni of NCKU who is currently a faculty member on the Faculty of Nursing in Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia, discussed how to remain productive in terms of research during a pandemic.


The 2-hour long Webinar is open to all viewers on YouTube, allowing viewers of all backgrounds to learn from the speakers’ experiences in the midst of the pandemic. (Writing by Hsu Tsu-yueh)



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